Day Twenty One

I can’t believe theres already been 21 days in 2021. The older I get the faster time seems to be passing.

The passing of time alone makes this post important to me.

This is just an idea of it because I think when I spend more time contemplating the concept, I’ll be able to write better thoughts towards it.

The word ritual has always held a level of mysticism for me. It feels like something spiritual or esoteric.

That alone would put a lot of people off from contemplating it any further but it’s not that mysterious or other worldly at all, not if you don’t want it to be.

Ultimately a ritual is a particular way you do something because of something else. So for example, it may be your ritual that before every exam you click your pen 3 times, you believe in doing so, it will help you perform better.

Okay, that was a lousy example. How about, wearing a particular colour on certain occasions or throwing salt over your shoulder when cooking or wearing your team’s jersey every-time they play.

All of those are also rituals. The power of rituals when used wisely is they can create a powerful mindset of possibilities for you.

There is power in belief. This is why so many of us are superstitious, we believe in certain things and whether they are true or not is besides the point, our beliefs about them effect our decisions and actions (or lack thereof)

Rituals are powerful. Self determined rituals even more powerful. You can build your life up by starting rituals that will supercharge your mind into believing anything about yourself.

Slowly and incrementally. Change never comes quick but it does come and rituals can help you get there.



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