Can’t cram at the farm

Day Twenty

Did you ever slack off in school? If you’re anything like me then yes, of course you did and then the panic would kick in when you realised that you didn’t know anything about the test coming up. So what would you do? Cram!

I went through my entire school experience cramming for tests and unfortunately passing many of them.

This was unfortunate because I robbed myself of deep learning, you see I may have been able to memorise a few key points about any given subject but what I never gained was a true grasp of that subject.

I also robbed myself of an educated mind and instead I foolishly laughed at the thought that I was somehow ‘getting away’ with it.

But nobody gets away with it, not in real life. School is a man made institution, therefore its artificial.

Life is anything but artificial. Life is more like the farm where you have to plan ahead, plant your seeds in the right season, work the soil in the right season and only then can you rightly expect a harvest….in the right season.

Right now I’m planting my seeds, soon enough I’ll be working the soil and watering that seed in the hopes that it will grow and eventually in due season, I will reap my harvest.

This isn’t wishful thinking. When you’re truly working towards something, you don’t need to wish or hope things will work out, they will always work out because seeds always grow and turn into a harvest

That said, sometimes you may work hard yet reap very little, that’s okay, you plant more seeds and continue working because there will come a time where you will reap abundantly more than what you planted and that, is when it will all feel worth it.

So forget cramming for the test of life, you might be able to fool a man made system like school but you could never fool life.

You get back what you put in is a cliche for a reason.

Because it’s true



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