Blurry Vision

Day eighteen

Without a vision people perish. At least that’s what my bible says. So clearly God places some level of importance to vision

I just read an article that essentially said that depression can be linked to blurred memories, what some would consider repressed or suppressed memories.

I found that interesting because, if not being able to remember certain events in our pasts is strong enough to send us into a depression, what would a lack of vision for our future create within us?

Worse still is having some idea of what you want, where you want to go and who you’d like to become but not having the clarity of vision to truly grasp it fully.

Without a vision the people perish has also been stated in a different way – without a vision the people cast off discipline.

Why should you work hard for something when you’re not clear on the outcome? Why should you sacrifice when you don’t understand or see the benefits in doing so?

Why should you give up addictions when you haven’t set a clear vision of what your future will be like without those addictions present in your life?

If you anticipate your life would be worse off for working harder, for trying new things, for stepping outside your comfort zone, then guess what, you’ll never step out.

And here’s the thing. The clearer the vision, the greater it’s capacity to draw you in and the more you’re captivated by the vision, the more you’ll be willing to take action to make it a reality.

So clarify your vision. You don’t need to rush to get to this clarity but you do need to work on it consistently, asking yourself questions about your future and answering without minimising what it is that you really and truly want.

Write the vision, make it plain so that he that reads it may run with it – that’s also biblical.

You know you have clarity of vision when it’s so simple but clear enough to other people that they could run with it too.

Often what happens is, once you’ve set a clear vision, all these people come out of the woodworks seeking to help you achieve it.

So, dream big yes but even more important is to dream with clarity.



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