Lose like a Winner

There’s no elevator to success. Take the stairs

Day Fifteen

Nobody likes to lose and yet someone has to. Everyone wants to be a winner but there can be only one, so guess what? It likely won’t be you!

Welcome to Loserville

I’m reading a new book that is challenging me big time. It’s ‘MINDSET’ by Dr Carol Dweck and I already think it’s a must read

The book essentially explores the difference between those with a fixed mindset and those with a growth mindset and sometimes the differences are so subtle that it’s easy to get the two mixed up.

But here are two questions one is fixed mindset based and one is growth mindset based.

1. Do you believe your talent/intelligence is something you are born with?

2. Do you believe a person can change who they are at the core?

Your answer to those to questions will give you an inclination as to where you land on the spectrum of growth vs fixed mindset.

If you answered Yes to Q1 then that is a fixed mindset, if you answered Yes to Q2 then that is a growth mindset.

You see, real winners care less about looking great than actually being great. There’s a difference.

People that believe that you are born with only a certain amount of talent or IQ are more prone to believe there is nothing they can do about their situation to make changes.

Fixed mindset people also tend to give up when things become difficult because they assume they have reached the end of their abilities.

Growth mindset people believe that potential is unknowable, as in nobody can measure just how much potential you have within yourself.

Growth mindset people go out of their way to take on challenges, often resulting in them losing in the short term as they learn and get better, sharper, smarter, stronger.

Fixed mindset people go the easy win in the now not thinking about how it will all catch up to them in the future.

So the choice is yours, you can lose like a winner or win like a loser.

I know which camp I’m consciously choosing to be part of. Yes I am a new resident of loserville.

I welcome the challenge. Come join us, or at least stop by and see what it’s all about.



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