F**k Your Feelings

Day Fourteen

Nobody cares about what you’re feeling, matter of fact f**k your feelings. And f**k you and your dreams too while you’re at it.

Was that too harsh? Was that too mean? Guess what? Nobody cares.

And that should be liberating!

You should feel free and excited to realise that everyone is way more concerned about whatever is going on in their lives to care about yours.

F**k their feelings too.

It’s a ruthless world out here and the only person you have to truly be responsible for is yourself.

The more you own up to your own BS and your own dysfunction the quicker you can become effective at getting whatever it is you want out of life.

I don’t care about your feelings, just like you don’t care about mine.

So it’s winner stays on, the last one standing takes all.

Don’t get so bogged down by things that you miss out on the beauty of the fight, that you miss out on the beauty in the battles.

Nobody may care for how you feel but they sure will admire your battle scars. They will delight in hearing about your war stories and how you overcame what many before you never could.

So stop being such a snowflake and get out there and fight for what you want

What? Did you think life was just going to give it to you because you want it?

F**k your wants!



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