The problem with Happiness

Day Eleven

It just doesn’t last.

Today I received some brilliant news, news that had me jumping up and down with excitement.

Do you know how long that lasted?

About 2 hours!

Before receiving this career/aspirations related news, I was having a bad day. There was no particular reason why, I truly just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was feeling very displaced.

Then I got the email that would change my mental state within a split second. I went from being disengaged to jumping up and down excited within seconds.

And I’m grateful. I’m excited for the news and what it can all mean.


Happiness is short lived, especially happiness which comes from external stimuli.

So imagine spending your life chasing something so fleeting as happiness when it evaporates so quickly from your grasp. In fact, you can never grasp it, as quickly as it came, it dissolves even quicker.

It’s a sure fire way to be unstable in life if you choose to chase fleeting things like happiness and….lust.

The pleasure you get out of these things does not last long enough to justify the cost of chasing them.

Stability is when you become mature enough to act in your best interest regardless of how you might be feeling.

Come rain or sunshine, you know you’re mature when you remain consistent, when external stimuli neither distract you or dismay you from taking the next step forward.

Emotions are great, having a purpose and mission more important than fickle sentiments…even greater.

Stay on code and focus on the mission, regardless of what the current conditions look or feel like.



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