Only what I think Matters

The mind is a powerful thing to waste

That title would make me come across as arrogant and self centred but bare with me as I’ll be really brief today.

In life there is a dichotomy of things we have control over and things we do not. The amount of things we do not have control over often far outweighs the things we can control.

Life circumstances are not within our control, neither are the actions of other people.

We can’t control the weather, the political climate or financial stability. Events happen to us and we have no choice but to live through them.

That being said, here is what we do have control over, every single time no matter what. We can control what we think about the things that happen to us.

I may not be able to control someone walking away from me but it’s totally in my control what I think about them walking away.

I can’t control a racist person calling me a racist slur but that doesn’t mean I have to immediately lose my cool, feel sad or retaliate. I have the incredible power of being able to choose what I think about it.

That should be an empowering realisation for all of us. Since what we think about any given thing determines how we feel and how we feel determines our quality of life.

Our power to choose what we think is therefore the key for me to determine the quality of my life.

As an addict, I’ve tried many times over the years to stop watching porn only to return back to it, 2 days, 3 weeks, 3 months later.

When the relapse would happen, what would follow would be a lot of guilt, self pity and beating myself up.

This was never helpful. it only made me feel worse about myself and therefore to make myself feel better or even just feel numb what do you think I would do?

That’s right, I would go and watch more porn. This created a vicious cycle. And the only way to stop it was to change my thinking about myself, my addiction and what it all means

I am worthy.

That was the phrase, those were the words that changed things around for me. Recognising that I am worthy of everything good life has to offer.

That I am worthy of happiness, joy, success and prosperity just like anybody else.

I am worthy and only what I think matters.



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