Reclaiming Freedom

Addictions turn you into an involuntary puppet

Day Eight

Humanity has always strived for it. Developed nations are supposedly built on it and everybody in the rat race is chasing it.


One of the most misunderstood words. I’ve always assumed that my freedom meant that I could do what I wanted when I wanted, therefore proving that I am indeed free.

Yet, I’ve quickly come to realise that freedom has tighter parameters than bondage. Think about it. How much harder do you need to work as the CEO of your own business vs being an employee?

How much discipline do you have to demonstrate when chasing your dreams vs walking down the beaten old path, travelled by most?

I get frustrated to be an addict, to have cravings that if left unchecked would consume me.

I despise the idea that something as minuscule as sugar or something as intangible as lust could have such control over me.

Who wants to be controlled? Who wants to live in bondage? Who wants to be imprisoned by anyone or anything?

Nobody does. I know I certainly don’t.

So to reclaim my freedom I must create limitations, the only difference is, these limitations are self imposed.

In order to be free, I must cage myself to prevent myself from self harm. I chose to stick to a tighter schedule where I read more books, set my goals and chase my dreams because in doing so I begin to become the person I aspire to be.

Claiming my freedom means letting it go, choosing to actually do any and everything that I want only has the appearance of freedom but in no other way is it actually freedom.

True freedom comes at the price of self imposed restrictions.

I’m willing to pay the price



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