Big Rocks

Rocks get eroded by water gradually over time

Day seven.

So you’ve got some big goals and even bigger dreams to achieve? Consider those as your big rocks.

You can’t change the face of of your big rocks overnight. So don’t expect anything to happen immediately, you’re going to have to be long term focused to truly shift and change things.

This concept of big rocks is one I’m slowly thinking about as I consider what it truly takes to transform a life.

Addictions are also big rocks, so are any other habits, good or bad that we’ve consistently held for so long that now we struggle not to enact them.

I won’t be able to erode an addiction in the short term but with constant action, meditation and attention to it, slowly and surely I will erode it.

Actions are like water, they are the substance that eventually cause big rocks to dissolve.

I’m still developing this concept more so we’ll see where it all leads but I’m certainly intrigued by it and it helps me with my sobriety.



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