Who & Why

Everything looks blurry when there’s no focus

Day Six

“Nice to meet you, so what do you do?”

How often have you been introduced to someone and immediately you are asked that question?

What do you typically answer? Do you prideful talk about your job, your business or aspirations?

Maybe you fumble through your answer before quickly asking “and you? What do you do?”

It’s interesting how our identities are reduced to our vocations and day jobs. As if being a filmmaker or politician or teacher could ever truly encompass all that a person is.

Who am I?

It’s probably the most pondered or avoided question in the history of humanity. That’s a huge generalisation of course but it has its merits.

On my sobriety journey, I realise now that how I view myself is more important than anything else.

Who I am and what I am as determined by me and not by anything or anyone external to me is paramount to personal sustainability.

We only ride as high as the identity we hold of ourselves. Equally, we fall as low as that same identity allows.

So how do you deal with addiction when you refuse to see yourself or acknowledge that you are in fact an addict?

I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

It’s not that I’m afraid to acknowledge that I’m an addict, it’s more like I don’t want to embrace the addict mindset or identity which to me would bring me down to a cycle of sobriety then relapse then repeat.

No. I need to work on cultivating a completely new identity.

A new answer to the question who and what am I….

As an avid film watcher, I’m reminded of Batman Begins when Bruce Wayne begins forming his idea of Batman.

A man can die but an idea cannot, Bruce was the man, Batman is the idea and as long as there’s a concept of Batman, anybody worthy of the suit can wear it and protect Gotham…in essence Batman is immortal

The power of an identity

Time to go to work



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