Ruthlessly Say No

Saying no more often makes your yes that more meaningful

Day Three

I’m not good with saying no. I can often be a people pleaser, not wanting to disappoint anyone or be on the receiving end of anybody’s disapproval.

But addicts can’t be people pleasers. Addicts like myself can’t allow themselves to be carried by the whims and fancies of people around us because there’s always one person we will never say no to if we live like that. Ourselves.

Saying no, equally means saying it to myself. I may feel like binging on countless episodes of a Netflix series but that doesn’t mean I should.

I may want more leisure, more pleasure, a depletion of my treasure (see what I did there?) but if I do this consistently for a long enough period of time and the end result will be less than admirable.

Refuse to say no to yourself enough times and obesity, empty pockets and bank accounts and an unfulfilling life await you.

Today, I sat down and read the good book, and I really do mean the good book. I haven’t read it extensively like I did in my younger years but this year, I’m committed to reading more. I want to read more books in general but also my good old bible for spiritual development.

I’m re-wiring my brain. I need to create new neuro-pathways. In order for me to be different, I must think and do different.

So I’m saying no to unnecessary snacks and late night snacking. I’m saying no to too much consumption of entertainment and I’m saying no to a lack of productivity.

With every no I say to myself and others, comes the opportunity to say yes too.

Saying no to snacking means saying yes to saving even more money. Saying no to binge watching television means saying yes to going for a long walk while listening to an audiobook or podcast or it means learning to cook healthier meals or reading more books and expanding my mind.

This year I choose to ruthlessly say no to all the things that no longer serve me so I can enthusiastically say yes to all the things that will eventually bring more growth to my life.

Be legendary



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