75: Adapt

My friend and business partner thinks my writing has become depressing

He has a point to be fair

And to be even more fair, he only mentioned that after I was telling him that I feel a little brunt out with all the writing

So burnt out that I barely noticed when I skipped a day of blogging yesterday

It’s true to say that I maybe have ran it of things to express

It’s also true to say that human beings can adapt. We are nature’s greatest adaptation creatures and we thrive under stress

So, it’s time to suck it up and adapt. I wrote about pushing through, now it’s time for me to do that or at least find a way to do that

Right now, I can only think about word count and writing longer pieces with more insight

I feel like I don’t have time for that amount of work but that’s exactly what I need

It’s time to adapt

So I’ll work towards that. Watch this space

Be well


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