73: Pushing Through

For the longest time, the last thing I’ve wanted to do is write

I don’t like what I’m currently writing about

Inspiration left the building maybe 50 blog posts ago, if not longer

But I write

Even if it’s just a few sentences at a time. I’ll write what I can. Daily

But what I’m now challenging myself with is the push through

It’s no longer enough to say inspiration has left me but hey look at how great I am that I’m still writing something


There must be substance to my writing, I must push through the lack of inspiration, the lack of motivation and genuine interest in writing

Pushing through is what we all need to do if we have any hopes of getting somewhere, anywhere in life

The irony is that closely related to pushing through is letting things be

Life will take us through so many twists and turns and lead us to some unexpected destinations

We do ourselves no favours when we try to force things to happen that life just doesn’t want to allow

So, push through yes. Do everything you can to get wherever it is you’re seeking to go but then…..let it all go and see where life takes you

Be well


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