60: I Am Enough

Most of us don’t feel like we are

Most of us are seeking something outside of ourselves to complete us, to make us happy, to make us whole

Even when we here things like “money can’t buy you happiness” we still want to find out for ourselves

So lately I have been working on this mantra “i am enough”

it’s a reminder that I am enough as is. I don’t need to add anything more to who I am in order to be ‘worthy’

I am enough

I have enough – I have enough of everything I need, want and desire and should i need more, it will easily and swiftly come to me

Now, don’t think me crazy for writing these things or better still, believing these things. We all have inner self beliefs that guide us and help us make sense of our world. This is one of the ways I do it

I am enough

I have enough

All things will work out for my good

Be well


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