59: The only constant is


In this life you can’t expect much, well, other than death, taxes, stress and of course change

You can bank on those things happening to each and every one of us

I hate change. It makes me feel uncomfortable which in turn makes me feel uncertain about myself and the direction of my life

But I am slowly learning that need not be afraid of change, let alone feeling uncomfortable because those are signs of life and growth

Better to be uncomfortable and growing then comfortable but stagnant

It’s a rough world out there. Surprising things happen everyday

Is it any wonder mental illness has become a buzz word in the media?

The strain on our minds from such rapid change is startling. The schools didn’t teach us coping mechanisms to deal with the stress and pressures of ‘making it’ in society today

We are bombarded by the apparent happy lives of friends and strangers online. YouTube is now filled with motivational videos encouraging us to dream big, never give up and never settle

well intentioned I’m sure but what many people fail to mention is that we are okay. As we are, this very minute, we are more than enough and lacking nothing

Although change may be a constant, self change and transformation is anything but

We rarely change as individuals

We rarely grow out of the social scripting and ideologies we gained from childhood

It takes a lot of honest inner work to begin to even scratch the surface of who we are at the core

We all need the time and yet that’s one of the things everybody complains about not having enough of

The world keeps rapidly changing while we do not

We may want the quick career change, the fast money and the smooth road to happiness and bliss but everything takes time

So what was the point of this blog?

Whatever you thing the point of life is, same goes for this post 🙂

Be well


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