57: Less Convenient

I decided to go into work today

I had a few things that I unfortunately could only do in the office and I had to make a choice, either leave those things for now and do them much later which will inevitably push things back or go in at some point today and get the job done

Most often, I’d push it back to later and get it done when convenient for me

But I’m slowly and consciously trying to break away from that way of thinking and operating

The truth is, I had planned for nothing other than being at home today. There were no social events to attend, no activities or parties or anything else

I was truly free to binge Netflix all day or be a little more productive

I glad I chose the latter

There’s an intrinsic good feeling that comes with taking the less than convenient path

It’s like rising to the challenge of becoming yourself

It may take a lot of work and effort but my goodness, won’t you be glad you chose that path instead

Be well


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