53: Devour while you’re young

While you still have the energy

While you still have the time. While you still have the youthful enthusiasm to keep going when the going gets tough, do it.

Young wolf, don’t wait until the sun begins to set to think about going hunting. No, do so first thing in the morning, while the light is bright enough, while you still have a chance to find new prey should the first few not work out

It’s such a shame the way life is set up. The mature in age have hard earned wisdom and knowledge but no energy left to truly make the most of it

Meanwhile the young have all the energy in the world but no one iota of wisdom or understand of how the world works

Both can do with each others help but both are suspicious of each other. One looks down on the other with disdain for what appears to be contempt

The other disregards all advice admonished because ‘what the hell do they know anyways’

If only the young would recognise that within the blink of an eye, they will shortly join the ranks of the old

If only they realised that time waits for nothing and no one. It keeps ticking over, sweeping every generation in its path out of its way

So while you still have the energy, do the devouring so when you no longer have that energy, you can divide the spoils

Be well


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