52: Surface Level Talk

i don’t have much to write about right now

This is when blogging everyday becomes harder. This is when I almost regret the decision I made at the beginning of this year to write a daily blog. Almost. The benefits far out weigh the cons

And what are those benefits?

An author I greatly admire said it best “how you do one thing is how you do everything” his point was, each discipline and action you take has a knock on effect on every other area of your life, whether your realise it or not

If you show some consistency in one area of life, the chances are that this will begin to infiltrate other areas of your life too. You will find that your capacity to stick with other things will grow too

For me, i have found that sitting down to write is almost a way of checking in with myself. I’m a little more self aware of where i am in life and what’s going on internally. Every day when I think about sharing myself with you, I first check in with myself, I often find that I’m in moods or life situations that i’d rather not share with anybody

Sometimes I write about things that are very much on the surface because at that moment in time, I can’t write what I’m actually going through, it’s either too painful, too raw or I don’t consider it wise to share it

Other days, I just don’t have anything worth writing. Those days, I feel maxed out, used up with little left to give.

Today is such a day

on days like today, I’m impressed when I’m even able to string one sentence together, let alone a few. It’s days like today that i either press and dig deeper or keep things surface level

Think the surface has won today

Be well


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