48: Without a vision

The people perish

Without a vision, we wander around aimlessly, often exhausting ourselves in the process

What would be the point of working for 30/40 years only to discover you have achieved nothing with your life

And by achievement I don’t even necessarily mean outward, worldly success, though that’s a part of it

I mean growth as a human being. I mean disconnecting from the matrix and recognising that you are a unique human being and therefore your life can not and should not reflect that life of anyone else

But without a vision, we all perish

I’ve been thinking lately about my own vision for my life. Do I even have one?

It’s easy to confuse activity or even having some level of direction with having a vision but I couldn’t be more wrong

Having a vision encompasses way more than just wanting to have money or a ‘successful’ career (which we often determine by earning a lot of money)

No, I’m slowly learning that vision spans the entire spectrum of a persons life. Infiltrating their private, personal and public lives

Vision gives meaning and direction but it also brings with it restrictions

It limits what you can and cannot do

Knowing what you want only further illustrates what you now know you do not want and therefore this informs your decision making when it comes to your choice in friends, lovers, vocation and even hobbies

All this because you decided to have a vision for your life

And that’s exactly why without a vision the people perish

Don’t be one of them

Be well


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