28: People Pleasing

I like to be liked

I like knowing that people think of well me. I don’t like displeasing people

Problem is, needing to be liked leads to not having a backbone

Now I would never say I’m spineless, I don’t consider myself a coward in any shape or form

But when I get caught up in making everyone happy, I get dragged in so many different directions that I ultimately end up not pleasing anybody

Recently, a friend pulled out of a deal we had already set up. That’s not what hurt me, what disappointed me more than being let down by someone I assumed I could count on was the apparent distrust in me she suddenly displayed

And all over money

They say money and the amount we earn, save and invest is a very emotional thing. We all have our own relationship with money

Some of us hoard it because growing up we never had enough. Yet, for others, they don’t feel worthy of having more than enough so whenever they get paid, they find a way to spend spend spend it all away

I have my own journey with money but for someone I consider a friend to essentially let me down over money, to question my character over money….yeah that hurts

But within it is a lesson to be learned about not seeking to be a people pleaser

what matters more than what others think of you is what you think about yourself.

Not everybody you meet will like you

And that’s okay. It’s not okay to try to get them like you though

Respect yourself

Be well


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