26: Discover True Value

Luxury cars can cost £250,000 minimum. Some homes have been sold for 50 Million, yet in this world it’s also possible to find people willing to take a life for less than one grand

It seems our society has a huge disparity in what we deem as valuable

The value of life can never be quantified, not in its truest essence and yet it’s the one thing we all at one point of another devalue the most

What do you value? How much would you be willing to pay for it?

Is it worth the price you’ve valued it at?

If it is then please, by all means, pay the price for it

It doesn’t matter whether everybody agrees with you or nobody does

The barter system of ancient civilisations still exists but it’s just become more sophisticated

Now, more than just exchanging goods for in kind services or similar goods deemed of equal worth, we can inflate as well as deflate the worth of pretty much anything

Including you

Your worth can be inflated by yes men, a good streak of luck and a massive ego to go with it

On the flip side your true worth can be deflated by negative people who put you down every chance they get, circumstances that make you feel stuck

Both scenarios can cause a person to have a distorted self image where they lack a true understand of their value

Both scenarios are unhealthy

Both scenarios can ruin a persons potential and ultimately life

So, take the time whenever purchasing anything to assess whether the value quoted is worth it

This much I know

You most definitely are worth it

Be well


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2 thoughts on “26: Discover True Value

  1. What a wonderful message! Thanks for sharing. Self-worth and pride seem to have a place, just like kindness and humbleness. Too much of both can get you into trouble in terrible ways. Still working on my balance, lol!

    Hope you’re well, Serge!


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