25: What’s On Your Mind?

“We become what we think about” according to Earl Nightingale. He was one of the early forerunners of the success movement that would later morph into Tony Robbins and even more recently, Gary Vaynerchuck.


What’s been on your mind lately? If the thoughts which currently dominate your mind were to manifest would you be delighted?

I’m not only talking ‘The Law if attraction’ here, though that has its place and some validity

I’m just talking about things on a basic common level.

If we allow our minds to be consumed by worries, doubts, negative thoughts and what have you then how can we expect to lead positive, successful lives?

Even more practical than that is how can we be happy if our minds are consumed by thoughts that give us every reason not to be?

So, what’s been on your mind lately?

Is it truly worthy of your headspace?

Mental wellness is critical for all of us in leading a productive life

Do your best to monitor the thoughts you permit to occupy your mind and the rest will take care of itself

I write this as aspirational advice directed at mainly me

Be well


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