15:Doing Nothing

So my flight was delayed for an hour on the runway before taking off. We landed an hour late (accordingly) and the delay made the journey feel that little bit extra long

I don’t know about you but once the initial sensation of a plane taking off subsides, the journey begins to feel like you’re just stuck in a box, sat beside groups of people who don’t know and most likely won’t get to know well enough to want to keep in touch

so after a while, all I want to do is just ‘get there’

And of course you do eventually get there and you quickly forget about your impatient feeling of getting there and begin to enjoy the new environment that you’re in

I’ve given myself Saturday and Sunday to ‘do nothing’ but relax and enjoy the scenery before doing all the ‘tours’ and ‘tourist activities’

My sleep was deep and long last night. I had to get used to the humidity and thickness of the ‘air’. I had to open all my windows plus my balcony door just so any fresh breeze would come in and give me respite from the heat

But once asleep, I was out like a light. I tend to wake up multiple times during the night and for some reason, I kept making a mental note of just how deep my sleep was. i was still up by 6am in the morning, so it’s not like I had a lie-in or anything, it’s just that when I’m home, my sleep can be shallow, what with my mind being often consumed with the cares of day to day living, it can sometimes be hard for me to switch off.

Thankfully, it seems as though I have managed to do just that while on vacay – i’ve switched off and will remain switched off even as I do little pieces of work here and there

I guess sometimes it’s great doing absolutely nothing 🙂

Be well


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