13: One day at a time

You only live once

Yes. But it goes deeper than that. You also only live one day at a time

Sure, you can visualise and daydream about your future and of course you can reminisce on past events, reliving the trauma but ultimately, the day you’re living now is the only one most important

It’s so interesting how heartache and grief are the rare occasions where everyone advises us to take it one day at a time

Are you broken hearted and desperately seeking to end the suffering? Everyone will tell you, it will take time, so just take it slowly and see each day as it comes

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Everyone will encourage you that the pain will fade in time but it’s a process and there’s no telling when that day will be so in the meantime, take it a day at a time

Pain has a powerful way of keeping our minds locked in the present day. We may want to escape, deny what we feel but yet it’s too acute, it hurts way to much to ignore

So we it’s leaves us with very limited choices. We either numb it with food, sex, retail therapy, binging entertainment, drugs and alcohol….not to mention God, religion, work and working out

The pain pushes us into flight or fight, activity or inactivity but one way or the other, for a brief period of time, we’re reminded that we can’t escape the 24 hours assigned to us

And that’s all any of us have

24 hours. The billionaire and the homeless person alike have that one thing in common, they both have 24 hours. They both can only experience life one day at a time

The rich person can’t buy more time with their money and the poor person can’t lose the time they have due to a lack of resources

We are all fairly given the same 24 hours

My point being: what would your everyday life begin to look like if all you did was focus on doing everything you wanted to do that day?

Imagine you did that 365 times. Where would or could your life end up?

Perhaps that very question is equally flawed because it instantly forces you to think ahead to a years time, the imagined place you could be and that’s not my point

My point is pay no attention to nothing else but the day you have today. Carpe Diem and all that

Imagine al you cared about was today?

After all, isn’t that all you have?’are you promised tomorrow?

Okay then focus on what’s right in front of you

Be well


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