11: why compete when you can create?

It’s hard out there

There is apparently so much competition out in ‘the big bad world’ and that thought alone can intimidate people into inactivity

When you have others to compare yourself to, most of us have one of two reactions. We either believe we are inferior or superior to them

Both are extreme thoughts and both are essentially wrong

We are inferior to no one

We are superior to no one

We are as unique as everyone else

So, this being the case, we need not compete against anyone

We need not compare ourselves to anyone

All we need to do is create

The more we create and produce, the more of a unique space we will carve out for ourselves

The more we focus on creating and releasing our creation, the more self sufficient we will become

The more self sufficient we are, the more empowered we’ll feel and ultimately the more unstoppable we’ll end up

So why waste your time competing with others when you can be creating for yourself?

Be well


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2 thoughts on “11: why compete when you can create?

  1. I love this! It’s so true.

    I was drawing a picture at a coffee shop today, and I caught my brain being hard on myself: “this sketch isn’t as good as so-and-so could draw it!”

    I have to smile, because maybe it’s right. But it was mine. The sketch was my creation, something that couldn’t have existed without my influence. Maybe that is enough.

    Thanks again, Serge! Always a pleasure to read your posts!


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    1. Thanks for stopping by Beth,
      Always love your insightful comments, especially when you relate them back to something in your own life.
      I saw the next instalment of RAW is out. Excited to read 🙂


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