9: You Already Know

Deep down you do

Your gut instinct is never wrong and if you think or feel that it is, it’s probably more a sign of you not trusting yourself anymore having previously not listened to your own gut

“How could I of been so wrong about this?” Every heard someone say that?

Ever been the one to say that yourself?

Have you ever been so wrong about someone? Only to later say, “you know what, deep down I kind of already knew she/he was like this”

Relationships of any kind are based on trust. You want to believe that the person is who they say and are portraying themselves to be

You want to trust that their yes really does mean yes and no’s really do mean no and that “I do” and “I’ve got your back” and “we are family” all mean what the person saying them really thinks and feels

The problem comes when your gut instinct tells you otherwise. When you’re seeing one thing but feeling something completely opposite, be mindful of this

Don’t ignore it

Deal with it head on, speak up, explore, investigate further until you prove yourself right

A word of caution: sometimes your fears, doubts and worries can cloud your judgment. That feeling is not gut instinct, that’s just plain old fear and it can cause you to self sabotage great things in your life

It’s the untrusting partner accusing their trustworthy significant other for no other reason other than in the past they were burned and now they don’t trust anybody

You’ll lose

Anytime you allow fear to take over you, you will eventually lose out

A knowing gut instinct feeling is different, it rarely screams at you and it doesn’t cause you to panic….it may make your heart sink because every time the thought comes to mind you wish it wasn’t the case even though deep down you know it is

It may cause you to appear to be acting blindly and irrationally by those on the outside looking in, but you’ll know that there is a reason for your actions because intuition will guide you

Deep down you already know

So trust whatever it is you know and act accordingly

Be well


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