5: Do Not Drop The Ball

Just returning home from work

I left I don’t wear that as a badge of honour

At least not for the obvious reasons most people would brag about putting in long hours at work

“Do you know how hard I grind?! I won’t let anyone out work me!!”

Yeah I’m not bragging about it from that perspective

But I am proud of myself. I’m proud of the fact that I knew myself well enough to know that if I didn’t stay behind and do the additional work that’s recently began to pile up then it just wouldn’t get done

The ‘additional’ work was perhaps 20% 9-5 job and the rest of it was my personal dreams

Things I’ve been putting off and procrastinating on because I’ve been rationalising that ‘I’m tired’ ‘I just got home’ ‘Everyone needs a break’

Of course they do, we all do. Who doesn’t need a break from time to time? We all need to recharge and reset our batteries

But just be careful that your short pause to rest and catch a breath doesn’t turn into a permanent vegetative state

We all must keep it moving in life

Everything in moderation, all things in balance….but

Nobody said anything about having or keeping everything in perfect balance at all times

Sometimes you will feel overworked because your time is required in a work capacity more than usual

Other times it will be your personal life demanding more of you, more from you

And all you can do is keep the juggling act going

Do not drop the ball

Be well


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