4: What’s The Best That Could Happen?

How often do we ask ourselves that? If ever?

I think this world being the way it is, we are all trained by life, conditioned by society to be cynical.

After all, doesn’t everything fall apart?

Marriages and relationships of all kinds eventually breakdown

Businesses go bust and leave people in financial ruin

Well baked people get into accidents and become disabled, incapable of looking after themselves anymore

Life truly is a tragic tale of human suffering

But that doesn’t mean it’s the only reality in life. It doesn’t mean that this unforgiving world of ours isn’t equally awe inspiring and breath taking

What if we began to consider the very best that could happen for us

What if she or he said yes and by doing so began the deepest of love connections to rival the movies or fairytales

What if everything we did succeeded beyond our wildest dreams and the world became that little more bearable for someone else

What if when we breathed our last, it was a deep and contented letting go of this life because we knew that our life purpose on this planet was well and truly completed and finished

What if we lived a life free of worrying about money? What if you made so much money that you completely changed the destiny of the next four generations of your lineage

What if everyday felt like an exciting adventure where your skills, talents and resources where utilised to the fullest extent

What if you met your idols and became an idol to others yourself

What if you rubbed shoulders with the who’s who of this world, joined the top 1% of influencers in the world

All the above is possible for us all, it doesn’t mean that it will happen or even that it should, my only point being is that it could

And that alone in my opinion is enough to inspire me to go for the things I truly want

Truth be told, I don’t even want a fraction of the things mentioned above

I want to love and be loved deeply

I want to succeed beyond my wildest dreams in the things which interest me, for the time being that is storytelling

And I want to be as decent a human being as possible

I will die a very happy man if I can experience the three mentioned above

The rest of it is just life isn’t it – come what may, good or great, I’ll embrace it all and equally prepare as best I can for not so nice outcomes too

Yes life is difficult but equally it’s also magical

Don’t be a typical adult who believes magic is for kids (it’s not!)

Great things can and will happen for you, why not anticipate it?

Be well


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