88: The 4 Hour Work Week – Book Club

I used to demolish books

I read every book I could get my hands on. I think I’ve written about this before

I want to rebuild the habit again. I like it when my mind feels stimulated by new thought, ideas that cause me to raise an eyebrow

So I picked up ‘The 4 Hour Work’ by Timothy Ferriss. I’m only a few chapters in but already it has my kind spinning

The overall point of the book (from what I can gather so far) being that life can be worth a lot more than the arbitrary 8 to 12 hour work week that leads to neither happiness or riches

Tim focuses on the D.E.A.L

D: define what it is you truly want

E: eliminate the things you do not want

A: automate the majority of activities that take up your time so you can be free

L: liberate yourself from the shackles that tell you that you must work for 40 years and then retire

I’m not doing the book justice by my explanation of it so far. As I said I’m only a few chapters in so what I should do is discuss my reaction to it

So far, what the book is doing for me is making me do a double take on some of the choices I’ve made and am making. Do I really need to work a 9-5? Do I really want to be a millionaire or do I just wanted to live the lifestyle of a millionaire (these are two different things)

The book is making me think about how I can make the most of time when I focus on a task or activity so that I can free up the rest of my time to pursue my curiosities and things that make me feel alive

All that from a few chapters? Better believe it

So far so good

Be well


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5 thoughts on “88: The 4 Hour Work Week – Book Club

  1. “…that leads to neither happiness or riches.”

    I am currently working at that kind of job. It serves its purpose, of course, and I enjoy it for the most part (the people there are lovely), but I like the message of this post: don’t settle for anything your heart isn’t in.

    I’ve promised myself I will not retire there, and won’t. “There’s got to be more to life” has crossed my mind too many times to count. And then one day I decided to do something about it.

    My goals are set, and my path before me is clear. If hard work and persistence is all it takes, then why not? 🙂

    Happy writing!



    1. “And then one day I decided to do something about it”
      Yessss!! Finer words have never been written.
      That’s the most empowering statement anyone of us can ever make.
      I always appreciate your point of view, I like how honest and relatable you are in your comments.
      I was on your site trying to figure out how to follow you…couldn’t see the follow button for some reason


      1. Thank you! I agree, and it was truly liberating. Suddenly, my dreams were not impossible, and actually quite achievable.

        No greater euphoria exists. A verbal “Felix Felicis!” (Thanks J.K. Rowling for that word!) 🙂

        Strange, you’re not the first who has had trouble following my blog. Sorry about that! If I may ask, when you’re scrolling on my site, does it give you the “Accept Cookies” icon on the bottom right of the screen? I know when I click that on other blogs, the “follow” button appears afterwards. But I’m no expert. 😦

        Keep me posted! I hope I’m not losing followers. Thanks for letting me know!


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