86: Blank

I have nothing to write about it

My mind is blank and i don’t want to fill the blank space of this post with a meaningless point

I wouldn’t exactly call it writers block because I can write but I don’t feel like I’m connecting with what I’m writing today

I’m hiding my true thoughts, my true feelings and have binged on random indie films on Amazon prime. I don’t even understand where the blank feeling is coming from. I’m not in a bad place, good things are happening all around but yet I just feel blank


That may be a better way to describe my headspace right now. It’s not the numbness that comes from pain though, just the general malaise that day to day life brings with it

I’m writing this now when I have slight motivation to write anything otherwise I just wont do it

Sometimes, when you have nothing to say, maybe its a good idea not to pretend that you do

Be well



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