85: Shift Happens

Nothing last forever

I’m grateful for that fact. Looking back to certain moments in my life that truly felt like hell on earth, I’m so grateful that they didn’t last forever ( like it felt they would at the time)

Things show up for a moment and then fortunately (or unfortunately), the moment passes

It’s almost like we as human beings are either enduring or enjoying a phase of our lives at any given moment

Enduring: This is the phase where nothing is going the way we hoped, planned or wished for it to go. It’s the redundancy we never saw coming, the heartbreak that has obliterated our hearts or the tragedy we are forced to go through with no prior warning or heads up

Enduring is an obviously difficult phase of life. It often feels like it will never end. Situations appear insurmountable, leaving us feeling insignificant in comparison

Have you ever been through a problem that seemed too big to overcome? Too complicated to ever be resolved?

What did that feel like? Or maybe I should be asking: what DOES that feel like? Because chances are someone reading this is enduring a problem or situation of this magnitude right now

It will pass. It always does

But while you’re still in it, all you can do is endure. Now, when I hear the word endure, for some reason, what comes to mind is the image of a person being curled up in a foetus ball on the floor while being repeatedly kicked by life

That is what comes to mind when I think about enduring but that’s not what I actually mean

I don’t mean that we should endure life by curling up in a ball and holding on while we are constantly attacked

Enduring to me is about recognising that the season you are currently in is not designed for you to feel good about yourself and yet here you are waking up, showering, dressing up and going out there to face the world head on

Enduring is realising that you will be met with rejection and criticism every step of the way and still choosing to knock on the next door all the same

Enduring is feeling incompetent and still trying to improve, even in the face of open mockery from others

You endure

You continue

You put your head down and you focus on whatever you think you should be doing right this moment

Sometimes the pain feels so bad that just breathing in and out is a chore. The disappointment can feel like a gut punch that leaves you gasping for the next breath, wheezing and coughing out blood

Life can be brutal that way and none of us will get out alive

But all of us must endure our own burdens. We should also never compare or trade war stories of who has it worse

It’s all relative to the person experiencing it. Someone may shrug of a rejection for a date with ease and move on with their lives. While others relive it daily until the last shred of self dignity is drained from them, leaving a lowly figure in its wake

We all endure in our own way because soon enough, one day, when you least suspect it, everything shifts and suddenly you land a big win

Now, suddenly you’re no longer needing to endure life because you are greatly enjoying it

Enjoying: This is the phase where you can do no wrong. You have the Midas touch and everything you do, say and want turns to gold right before your eyes

Alchemy becomes part of your daily vocabulary

You have an idea and before you know it, all things seem to be conspiring to make it happen for you

Have you ever felt that?

Ever felt like life was conspiring to bring good things to you? That you met the right person at the right time even when you weren’t aware that you were looking

Have you ever had good luck? Do you know what it feels like to be on a winning streak?

I hope you do, and if not, I hope you find out what it feels like soon

It’s amazing

It’s the feeling of falling in love

Winning your first big contract

Accomplishing a life dream/ goal

Ticking something off your bucket list

Being around friends and family and feeling like you are loved, appreciated and cherished

Laughing so hard that tears stream down your cheeks because you’re having such a great time and you realise in that moment, that you are so happy

Seeing and feeling the awe inducing wonders that this world has to offer

Yes, Life can truly give us such enjoyable moments that it’s no wonder most of us would wish some things did last forever

I personally wish mutual love lasted forever. People I love and care for would live forever and good luck would stay with me forever

But eventually shift happens and life changes (again)

What are we to do then?

Most often, especially in good and happy times, we get so attached to our circumstances and seasons that when the shift occurs, we feel blindsided

Disappointment quickly follows and before you know it we are back to enduring life again

But it need not always be like this

We can choose to let go

Allow things to flow in and out of our lives in whatever pattern and randomness life presents them to us

Ultimately we will always come out on top

One shift will always follow another and then another. So on and so forth

So no matter what state you’re in right now, just wait. Things will soon shift

Be well


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3 thoughts on “85: Shift Happens

  1. “While others relive it daily until the last shred of self dignity is drained from them, leaving a lowly figure in its wake.”

    Powerful words about rejection. I liked how you used “self dignity.”

    A request/presentation itself is someone who is throwing something they love and esteem at the person for acceptance or rejection. It takes a strong person to deal with constant rejection. Too much can break a person’s self-esteem or, in your words, dignity.

    Good thoughts! Thanks for sharing this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by Beth, it’s always greatly appreciated. I especially like the fact that your feedback is always specific to something you enjoyed or liked about the piece. It speaks volumes that you’d take the time to be so consistent.
      I’m looking forward to enjoying more of your writing 🙂


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