84: Newtons Law

Objects in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force

Objects not in motion will remain not in motion unless acted upon by an external force

This is one of Isaac Newton’s laws that has helped shape our world

I am living that law this very minute. Truth be told, I am always subject to this basic law of life, as are you and everything else

I just happen to be in a scientific enough mood to think about it today

To acknowledge that the application of this law is just as powerful when exploring my own life as it is for scientific experiments

I feel like I’m not writing clearly or with enough clarity so let me try to clarify what it is I’m attempting to convey

Objects in motion, in this case me, will remain in motion (keep progressing) unless acted upon by an external force (unforeseen circumstances of life)

I’ve noticed that I am able to write this blog every day with somewhat ease because I have been doing it now for over 8 months. I’ve crossed the mark of needing to pick up momentum, I’m on the move and making progress because I do it daily

Granted, the progress can sometimes feel slow, sometimes I can write things that feel random even to me but I no longer struggle with the notion of needing to write, I just do it

Working out on the other hand!

This area of my life (exercise) is where the object not in motion (me) will continue to remain not in motion (progress) unless acted upon by an external force (effort)

Things won’t change for me in this area of my life and other similar areas where I have not picked up enough momentum unless I put in some serious effort

And I do it for a long enough period of time

The formula for progress can almost be simplified to the following: effort sustained over a long enough period of time equals momentum/progress


If this, perhaps oversimplified formula for success is to be believed: and I don’t see why anyone would reject it, then it’s clear to me that another cliche saying is equally true


Ever heard that saying? I’d be shocked if you affirmed that you hadn’t

If we get back what we put in, the first thing to ask ourselves is what are we getting back out of life?

Abundance? Joy? Love? Success? Gainful employment? Fulfilment?

Then we can ask: are we content with what we are getting or do we want more?

If the answer is yes, we want more, then guess what we need to do?

Put in more. Put in more effort, drive and energy into the things we care most about over a sustained period of time and the results will show

We will eventually REAP WHAT WE SOWED

If I want more out of life I only need to offer more of myself in the exact area of life I want more from and lo and behold in due time, more will arrive

We can’t escape the effort. There is no such thing as something for nothing

There is always a price

And we must pay that price, in full and in advance before we can expect anything back


If I want a reward or better still a favourable result by way of compensation then I must first pay through my commitment

If you want more, do and be more

If you want less, do less

If you want for nothing, you needn’t do anything to get it, nothing is already yours

It’s not rocket science

just – science

Be well


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2 thoughts on “84: Newtons Law

  1. “With every action, there is a reaction.”

    Here’s mine, to your post:

    Holy crap! That was good! 🙂

    Newton was a genius, but what if he had been silent? What if he knew all this, and didn’t write it down? What kind of different world would we live in, when faced with science and life’s logical solutions (as you so rightly put!)?

    It would be no world I’d want to live in, that’s for sure!

    Keep writing on, fellow writer!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Beth 😊
      Your comments always do two things for me, they encourage me and at the same time make me think!
      I love the point you made about what if Newton had been silent!
      In our own way, the same could and should be said of all of us


      Liked by 1 person

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