81: La Familia

Mafia movies are full of many things that people consider destructive to society

Violence, profanity, misogyny to name but a few

But one of the qualities that is very evident and strong in these films is also that family bond

That sense of pride and loyalty to your family and background

‘Death before dishonour’ – as drastic as that may sound in or real world of tragic consequences, I must say that I love this heightened sense of family pride

Most of us feel alone in this world, even when we’re around friends and family

Sometimes this is due to our own faulty thinking but often, that feeling of being alone is triggered by the realisation that nobody would be willing to die for us

How connected would you feel if the people around you would rather die than betray you?

How protected

How secure

How loved?

Nobody comes against la famalia

I know this is a little random but I’m with a bunch of friends having a good time and the joy I feel made me think about the bonds that connect us all

Be well


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2 thoughts on “81: La Familia

  1. There must be millions of folks who have their favorite quotes and bits and pieces of dialogue from all our favorite Mafia movies. Thank you for this spontaneous post. Enjoy this good time with your loyal friends and have a most excellent weekend.

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