80: Know Your Worth

I used to ask people to do things for free to help me achieve my objectives

I asked them to do it for free because I didn’t have the money to pay them

Most people I approached (98%) were willing to do it and I have greatly appreciated this support

Now as things slowly begin to turn around and I financially make progress, I’m starting to recognise the value and benefit of paying people as close to what they’re worth as possible

I still ask for freebies and in turn work for free or find other ‘in kind’ support but I’m slowly growing up to the fact that all of us are worth so much

And if we have managed to craft a skill and develop a talent that the market values, then we should be compensated for it accordingly

Working for free is invaluable experience. It builds up your self confidence and provides a soft landing pad to fail

There is not as much at stake and you also gain the benefit of working for the passion, the love and the sake of doing good work alone. This becomes your reward. Your true reward

But there will come a time when you will need to shift from being a ‘Free’lancer to charging what you think your work is worth and sticking with it

And if the person hiring does not recognise or value your work at the same rate that you do, be willing to walk away if need be until you find the right client willing to pay you your worth

Know your worth

If you’re right at the beginning of your path, ‘freebies’ are the way to go

You work hard enough on that craft and it turns into a skill worth paying for

You are invaluable as a person from the day of your birth

But your worth to the market place increases with effort and focus

Know your worth

Be well


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2 thoughts on “80: Know Your Worth

  1. “Know your worth.” I love that phrase. This should be stamped on everyone in the world, because it’s too easy forget.

    When people offer their services for free, it’s a gift of their time and effort. Like you said, the rewards are getting to do what they love most–and there’s the reward of benefiting someone else. However, I would agree that those who charge a fee for their skills/services have every right to do so.

    It all depends on the situation too, I guess. Lol, rant over. Thanks for posting this!



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