79: No Valid Excuse


It’s been a long day. Where does one go to find motivation to write a blog post when all you want to truly do is call it a day?

I don’t know about you but for me, it would seem that I rely on my stated commitment to write a post every day for all of 2018

I remind myself that regardless of whether it helps anybody (that’s always my hope, that it will) or whether it’s even any good or not, a commitment is a commitment

I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I was this steadfast with other desires and ambitions

Imagine I decided that I would make 10 calls and send 10 emails every day for a whole year to people and companies that I believed would further my dreams….where could I be in a years time?

Imagine I was stubborn with my commitment to eating healthily and working out? What type of health and fitness could I achieve in a year or perhaps 2 years?

Sometimes just doing things because you’ve committed to doing them is all you can ask of yourself

Yeah, progress may be slow and often feel non existent but don’t let that fool you, the mere fact that you are working consistently towards your goal(s) is proof enough that you will get there in the end

So, being tired is no longer a good enough excuse

Lacking knowledge, finances, the ‘right’ connections is no longer good enough excuses

The only true reason, the only real answer to why you don’t do anything in life should be “because I don’t want to”

Nobody can fault you for not wanting to do something and then not doing it

Otherwise, stay in your grind

Be well


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3 thoughts on “79: No Valid Excuse

  1. Inspiring! I loved the way you put commitment as being a long-term achievement instead of an instant one.

    Instant gratification is often what people go for, me included. A year ago, I started being “stubborn” about committing to my goals, and it’s changed my life.

    Thanks for the reminder. I needed it today. 🙂


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