76: Hustle & Flow

Welcome to the hustle

The hustle is the only way to succeed. It’s the only way to create multiple income streams or even just have one income stream to begin with

some call it the grind, some call it the dream, some consider it a burden but however you see it, know this, it’s the vehicle to your freedom from the Rat Race

I’ve noticed recently that interest in this blog as far as readership is concerned has dwindled to an almost zero count. Very few people visit this site at present, but mark my words, in about 6 months time, as I continue to remain dedicated, all of that will change

See, the down time, the quiet period – or – the wilderness experience as some people have been known to describe it is all about finding your voice, discovering what you have to offer to your chosen field of interest and how to demonstrate your uniqueness

Now that I know that even a zero readership will not deter me from writing every day I can start getting to the nitty gritty of ‘why’ I’m doing this in the first place. I want to become a great writer and in order to do that, the discipline of writing must be ingrained in me because I know it does not come naturally

This is part of my hustle

I’m a manager in corporate

I write, produce and direct movies on the side and I also now write a daily blog

I do all of that to hopefully one day secure a comfortable life where I can afford to do things I truly want to do and have things I desire and become the person I know I can be

But please don’t think I’m struggling to make this all happen – No – i’m slowly learning that there is a flow to life

Things come in and then go back out like the ocean waves do

welcome to the flow

much has been said and written on the concept of the law of attraction. Another way to put it that I quite like and agree with is “we become what we think about” – the more we focus and meditate on negative B.S, the more our lives reflect negativity and B.S

The reverse is true too so why not work on becoming as positive a person as possible?

Whatever is meant for you will always happen for you and cannot be taken from you by anyone or anything

Just let things flow

If you know you’re putting in the work, grinding and hustling your way through life, you have nothing to threat about, you need not worry – everything will eventually happen for you when the time is right

i don’t know how it works or even why it works in the way it works, I just know that it does

we just have to trust it and flow with it

Be well


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