66: The Real World

I’m so close to an opportunity becoming reality

So now I’m a little concerned that it may not come to fruition


I am worthy

I am deserving

I am capable

I am ready

Why wouldn’t it happen for me? Why wouldn’t my dreams become a reality?

It happens to other people all the time, why not me

This chasing dreams stuff can be stressful at times

It’s hard to know what steps to take and which ones to completely avoid

No wonder some of us opt to have someone else do the thinking for us, we hide behind big organisations that have preset career paths for us

We do very little of the thinking and instead we are told what to do, how long for and when we can have a holiday etc

In return the company gives us some level of security and upward mobility

But this is all a false sense of security

The real world is a beautiful yet sometimes tough to navigate

Doesn’t mean it’s not worth it though

Be well


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