65: Early To Rise

I love it when I feel like I’ve already won the day and my day hasn’t even started yet

I woke up early today without planning to do so the night before and just sat down and wrote more of my screenplay

I’m really struggling with this one so the more time I can dedicate to it, the better

The action of waking up early and attending to something that I declared as important to me had such a positive effect on what I think and feel about myself

It was almost like a declaration that I am the type of person that will do whatever it takes to make sure my goals are achieved

That feeling won’t last, I know but it’s still nice to know it deep down inside and to see it demonstrated in real time

I’m 11 pages in and still grappling with doubt and confusion about what I’m writing, whether it’s any good or not

‘CHRISTMAS BLUES’ centre’s around a newly divorced young couple feeling forced to spend Christmas day with each other for the sake of their friends and families who are unaware that they recently parted ways

That’s kind of the storyline at the moment and the plan is to film in in December, right before Christmas this year – so it’s not that long to go, there’s a lot to do between now and then to make sure that the project sees the light of day

So rising early to make a dent towards it is encouraging for me because it means I am slowly but surely starting to fully commit to it

Hope you all have a great day

Take chances

Take risks

Smile and know that today is a day you will never get back again so why not make the most of it?

Be well


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