62: Writing Season

Writing season

Time to go back to basic

The plan is to write a feature length screenplay this month (August), only way I can do that is to be as structured as possible in my approach

A minimum of 15 minutes of my day has to be dedicated to writing – No,Matter.What

It will have to be a daily commitment

Write regardless

Writers block is an excuse

I don’t have time for excuses of any kind. I told myself I would write three screenplays this year, so far I’ve only completed one, granted, I wrote that one and then put it through production but it’s time to erase the scoreboard and start from scratch

There’s no time to get caught up in past achievements or even things I’m already working on, not when I know I can do even more

Not when I don’t feel like I have scratched the surface of potential

So, writing the first draft of my new screenplay, soon to be film ‘Christmas Blues’ is the new goal

It means having even less focus and time for this blog unfortunately and that will be reflected in the quality of what I write here – until I at least get better as a writer

For now, I’ll be wiping the scoreboard, starting over again and putting up new numbers on the scoreboard

Keep moving forward

Be well


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