59: conditioning

I’m tired

6:30 club was no problem, time to join the 6am club

I’m cycling again – but it’s like all the conditioning of commuting 28 miles a day was forgotten by my body and I’m back to square one


Thankfully my muscle memory is in tact and it’s probably the only thing keeping me going right now

I don’t know if now is the right time to be joining the 6am club

Sleep is going to be so important for my body’s recovery

But is August now and so it’s ‘writing season’

By the end of this month I will had a new screenplay drafted

Thankfully I already know what it’s about and why I want to write it, so now there’s nothing left to do but write it

I titled this post as conditioning because I think that’s what it boils down to

We can’t move off our whims and fancies. We can’t expect to always ‘feel like’ doing things

At some point we won’t want to do the things we know we should

At some point we will want or ‘feel’ like giving up. At some point we won’t be bothered and the only thing we can rely on in moments like those is our conditioning

Conditioning is just another way of saying habits

Mental conditioning

Physical conditioning

And many other forms of conditioning that you can implement to ensure that you become an effective person

I’m writing through tired eyes so apologies if none of this makes sense

Be well


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