55: No Scrubs

“I’d rather live enormous, than die dormant” a rapper once declared and it resonated with me as a young listener

I too would rather live enormous than die dormant, I can’t allow my vision of what my life could be, not become reality by being so lazy as to live a dormant life

“Being broke at 30 give’s a brother the chills” – wise words from the Notorious B.I.G and how true indeed. Not that 30 is a magical number but age along with money is one of the ways we measure our progress

We all have an idea of when and how we want to experience key milestones in life

Graduation, first drink of alcohol, passing your driving test, first real job, engagement, marriage, first child, retirement etc

We all have an idea of how old we want to be when those milestones occur

But all of it takes hustle

This is for my fellow men that may stumble upon this by chance, if you are a man and you are reading this, then know this: you are supposed to be

It’s time to get our hustle game up

It’s time to decide just how enormous you intend to live. Each of us men will have a different vision for what living enormous means but I can pretty much be certain we would all have the same or very similar ideas of what living dormant looks like

Living dormant is barely keeping a job or being under employed – for the uninitiated, being underemployed means working at a job that not only pays you less than what you know yourself to be worth but you also happen to be over qualified for

Living dormant looks like a man who has no vision or direction for his life. A man who sits on his backside all day, doing nothing other than surfing the net

Living dormant is a man who fails to exercise his potential or demonstrate any form of initiative when it comes to going out in the world and making his mark

TLC sang it best “I don’t want no scrub, a scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me, hanging on the passenger side of his best friends ride, trying to holla at me” – that’s right gentlemen, women do not want a man who fails to demonstrate industry

This is not a post about attracting a woman into your life or about making money for the sake of ‘ballin’. This post is about you and the man you know you clearly want to be

There is a king within each man walking this earth, the desire to rule and dominate is inherent and natural and each of us possesses it

The only thing standing between you, your kingship and rule over your own kingdom is the failure to take action

Think. Be a man who that actually uses his mind and puts it to the best use possible. Be inventive and creative in your approach to life and everything about your business. Use that amazing tool called a brain to enlarge your life so that you can live enormous rather than die dormant

Act. Thinking is not enough, using your brain to come up with ideas is not enough, you have to “get up, get out and get something” – hustle, hustle, hustle

Work at improving your income as often as possible

Work at improving yourself even harder than you work on your day job. That means reading books to improve your mind, exercising to keep your body sharp and taking chances in life to prevent stagnation

Living at home with your mum is not a good look for a grown man – unless she lives with you because you look after her, in which case, peace king

Riding the passenger seat and behaving like you own the car is just as foolish as bragging about another mans accomplishments, acting like they are your own

No – wake the F up and smell the mediocrity

Don’t be a scrub, live enormous so that you wont die dormant

Be well


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