54: No title

“So, imagine you had to date someone who is basically you but a woman, would you enjoy that experience?”

She sits across from me in a atmospheric gourmet pizzeria in central London

I realise that I’m perspiring. There’s been a heatwave in the UK but I’m not convinced that’s the only reason I’m starting to sweat

“Interesting question” I begin, I follow this with a a mumbled response about my good and bad qualities as a partner and how for me, dating someone like me would likely not be a great experience

The convo goes in so many places within the space of 3 hours that it’s mind boggling

She’s a creative, I’m a creative. She’s as spiritually minded as I am and we both seem to gravitate towards ” what do you think we’re here on this earth for?” type of questions

Connections like these leave a lasting impression on me

By the time we finish eating, an idea comes to mind

Inspired by our conversation, a storyline begins to take shape in my mind. I tell her about it. She gets super excited, it seems we’re on the same page on that too

She wants to act in it (she’s an actress by profession) so we improvise a scene on our way back to the station

It works. It’s like these characters already exist and like she told me, “you just have to bring them to life, I know they’re in there” she smiles

Who says men and women can’t be genuine friends?

Okay maybe we can’t

Be well


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