52: Leaders Are Readers

I heard that statement since I was in school

Great leaders are readers

Today I was reminded of this fact when visiting the home of a director of my department in the 9-5 hustle

I was there to collect a bike he was practically giving away to me since he charged me so little for it

He lives in a very nice area, the type of area surrounded by greenery and crime would be considered a fluke incident

He picks me up in his very nice car (#goals) and we hit the road driving at full speed, with the top down on his Mercedes, the sun out…..I’m reminded just how different all our life experiences are

We get to his house and the garage has the ‘family’ car and then multiple bikes, one of the bicycles being so expensive that it’s worth almost half my annual salary

And it’s weight is light AF

I inspect ‘my’ bike and am reminded of how generous this man is being. I order my Uber but it will take a while to arrive so he invites me in to just chill

It’s an odd experience, after all this is my director, responsible for so much at work, but he and his lovely wife couldn’t be nicer to me

I’m made to feel comfortable and at home

After being offered food from his wife which I must politely decline due to the damn Uber now being only 6 minutes away, we proceed to his ‘man cave’ of sorts

Within his cave is a desk where he can work from home, flat screen tv hanging on the wall, two very expensive guitars, an old school DJ decks and a wall full of vynal records and then I see it

The wall length library full of books, a few of which I’ve already read which makes me feel a little proud that I’m not completely wasting my brain

But I’m reminded in a visceral way that this mans level of success and his clear passion for reading must be connected

I guess great readers are great leaders

Perhaps the reason this is the case is because reading, especially books of a non fiction nature: self development, autobiography etc help us expand our minds

I may never get the opportunity to travel the whole world but I can read someone else’s account of doing it and my mind will take me to those places

My passion for reading has been rekindled me thinks

I mean, one day, I hope to own a lovely home in a lovely crime free neighbourhood where I can work on my bikes as a hobby or drive around in my Mercedes with my extremely beautiful wife at full speed with the roof down

I want to one day unofficially mentor those coming behind me and inspire them to believe that what I have will one day be possible for them too

I’m not saying reading alone will do it but it’s part of the equation

Of that I’m certain

Life long learning is a personal journey none of us should abandon or neglect

Expand your mind, expand your life

Be well


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