50: Easy To Form, Hard To Break

Bad habits

They destroy lives in the most sinister way, how? by creating shackles around a poor soul and dragging them down to a baseless form of existence

Bad habits are easy to form

They are often pleasurable and comforting in the beginning. They make us feel temporarily better in the short term and often they are a quick fix in changing our state

You know what your bad habits are

You probably also know how those bad habits are impacting your life

Let’s imagine for example that you have a habit of putting things off. It makes you feel good in the short term to not have to do what you know you should be doing. You allow yourself the space to not have to do that thing that makes you feel pressured

It’s easy to put things off, after all, there’s always tomorrow and since you and I both know that tomorrow never comes, we know there will always be a tomorrow, which means we can prolong putting things off indefinitely if we wanted to

This simple habit of putting things off, will continue to grow and become stronger until one day it matures and crystallises into a fully formed personality trait that is near to impossible to shake

Now, you don’t just put things off, no, you never do anything, ever. You’re habit of putting things off has matured into a way of life where your dreams, aspirations and even simple to do lists are ignored

Years pass you by and you’re no closer to accomplishing anything of importance to you

Your habit of losing your temper, if not dealt with will continue to grow until you wake up one day and discover you are a bitter old person with a chip on your shoulder, indignant that the world has not paid you what it clearly owes you

I’m using these lighter vices that equally impact our lives in ways we can not even begin to imagine but I know you and I can both think of more life threatening habits that may start out so innocent yet the eventual consequences are catastrophic

It’s the ‘recreational’ drug habit you pick up while hanging out with so called friends that one day enslaves you to a life of dependency

It’s the substance abuse that starts out simple enough for you to believe you are in full control and will always be but if you don’t kill that dragon while it’s still a baby then believe you me, it will one day grow up and become too ferocious for you to ever tame or have control over

so kill it now

stop it now

Don’t make excuses and definitely do.not.put.it.off

Break it now

Be well


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