Sixty Minutes Experiment

I’m going to try something today

I’m going to see how effective I can be during one hour of my day

I will keep it focused on my 9-5 job so that my parameters are clear

Can one well spent hour make a difference to the rest of your day?

Can your mind truly stay focused for that long a period of time to get the job done?

Right now I don’t think I can even keep my mind focused on anything for longer than 10 minutes (and that’s me being generous)

Just one hour

Sixty minutes of complete and total focus

No allowing emails, phone calls or even colleagues to distract me and take me away from whatever I will be focusing on during that hour

I just want to see how hard or easy it will be for me

I may have to try it a few times before I get it right but I’m assuming I’ll be better for it

An hour of concentrated effort – a lot can get done in an hour

Time to see how much I can do in that timeframe

Be well


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