47: What I learned

Today I set myself an experiment to focus on work and not get distracted by anything for sixty minutes

I failed miserably

I couldn’t even focus for 10 minutes because my time wasn’t my own today

I had so many other pressing matters to deal with that I barely had time to answer emails let alone set aside one hour where I could focus on working on things I wanted to

What did I learn?

Action should always be monitored

If you don’t monitor your actions, you will never know how far behind or ahead you truly are

It’s easy to be distracted

There are too many things demanding our time and attention and it’s so easy to cave and allow these things to carry us away

I won’t grow any further if I continue like this

It was such a small experiment but yet it revealed so much

One of the revelations was that if I were to continue working the same way I worked today then my growth as a career orientated person will be super limited

I did what I was required to do but nothing more

In fact I was mediocre at best

I gave an average performance because my time wasn’t my own and I wasn’t driving the day by attempting to achieve things I consider important

I am what I repeatedly do

If I gave a poor performance every day like the average performance I gave today, what does that make me?

Nothing further your honour

Self awareness is a big step towards change

By conducting this small experiment I was able to become aware of where I can stand to improve

Had I never even attempted this little experiment, I wouldn’t of gained the awareness

Do more tiny experiments

I’ll continue more experiments in my bid to leave Average town and enter Winners island which is only accessible via private jet

Don’t be too easy on yourself in a bid not to be too hard on yourself

Like anything else in life, balance is paramount

Be well


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