46: Stop Fooling Yourself

Stop fooling yourself in life:

You don’t have 9 lives, you will eventually die and disappear and never be remembered

So put some fire under your feet and get to stepping

Stop fooling yourself in work:

Nobody’s gonna do the work for you and if you allow yourself to be mediocre or average then your results will be the same

You won’t land into a great career by accident

Time and effort are not only a requirement but a basic necessity for your career and work to flourish

The 40 hour work week may not be enough

Leaving things to chance will definitely not be acceptable

Stop fooling yourself with Love

The butterflies you’re feeling is not love

The chemistry between the two of you will eventually fade

Like anything else, it will take time, effort and attention for it to work

There are no meant to be’s, no made for each other couples

Only two people who were lucky enough to share enough similar values and enough differences to balance each other really well

And even then, it’s not set in stone that you will be together forever

Stop fooling yourself, Cupid doesn’t exist and if he does, he doesn’t care about your love life

So you need to do whatever it takes to make it all you envision

Stop fooling yourself with family

They are not perfect, neither are you

The minute you turned 18 you became responsible for your own life

Act like it

Stop fooling yourself with money

Learn how it works if you will never have any of it

Discover and understand compound interest

Save as much as you can

Invest as much as you can

Spend with a conscious, yes you should be smart with your spending but always remember that life is equally short

Spend money on experiences

Stop fooling yourself with success

Only you can determine what it means to be successful to you

Don’t follow anyone else’s definition of it

Don’t pretend you have it before you do

Once you decide what it is, work as hard as you can to manifest it

Stop fooling yourself with failure

Every day you overlook your true desires and don’t attempt to at least walk towards them is a failure

Failure (like success) isn’t permanent

You decide what it means to fail

Make it very hard to fail and very easy to succeed – how?

You decide, you’ll know when you’ve figured it out for yourself

Stop fooling yourself with time

it’s finite – just like you

So don’t waste it

Make the most of it

And who knows, perhaps something about you will outlive your short timespan

That’s the only way to be remembered

Be well


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