44: Discomfort Zone

You will hate it

It will make you feel insecure and uncertain

You will think it’s a punishment from God, the universe or just life

But you will be grateful for it in the end

Choose to follow your discomforts and live as often as possible in the realm of your discomforts, why?

Because there is truly no other way to grow

Comfort and pleasure may feel good for a period of time but they kill potential and possibilities if we linger there too long

That’s not to say that we should never seek out ease, pleasure or comfort but it’s to say that we should never backdown from the possibility of feeling a little pain, enduring a little discomfort and maintaining a strenuous existence

You want to destroy your chances of growth as a human being? No worries, here’s what to do

Never try anything you haven’t already absolutely mastered

Never do anything you worry will make you look foolish or stupid in the eyes of others

Never make a mistake or even consider making a decision that could lead to you making a mistake

Never take up new interest or try new hobbies

Always listen to your fears and insecurities, especially when they scream at you that you will fail and be rejected

The list could go on and on but I think you get the point already

If you want to grow as a person than do the opposite of the listed points above

Be well


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