43: Ties that Bind Us


They’re supposed to be the ones that never fail you, are always there for you no matter what

I am fortunate to feel and experience that from my own family(most of the time)

But family are also the people who hurt you the deepest, disappointing you in the worst ways

Yet, they are bound to you one way or another for life. Regardless of whether you choose to acknowledge them or not

Ties that bind us are instrumental to our well being, they help us develop a sense of belonging

At this very moment, I feel very frustrated with certain members of my family

The reason for this current anger is so minimal but yet that’s what happens when you let things slide for too long, even a small misunderstanding becomes a seemingly insurmountable mountain

Old wounds begin to feel fresh again and you start to internally ask yourself “aren’t you passed this? I thought you were over this already?”

Guess not

Family is a very important construct of society, and there are no families that lack for drama or dysfunctional tendencies of their own unique brand

Before they mess you up too much though, always remember that even with families, there’s a need for clear boundaries and respectful communication

We may all be flawed individuals but that should never be an excuse and yes we may be family but that doesn’t give anyone license to behave undignified

The ties that bind us are supposed to serve as a foundation that keeps us grounded but serve as a springboard to greater heights

They should never feel like they are sinking us further down or even keeping us in the same place all our lives

Be well


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