42: When You’re Close To A Breakthrough….

I’m a few days/weeks away from a breakthrough

This is business/career related and it’s got me excited and making plans for my future

The potential for what may become possible for me due to this life opportunity is truly incredible but yet…..it’s almost like I’m concerned that it may not happen and what would happen to me if this were to be the case

I’ve wanted to talk about this with close friends for a while but have decided not to because it has yet to happen and I don’t want to speak to soon. I’ve now decided that even if it does happen, I will not be talking about it with anyone other than those it impacts directly

Why am I writing about it then, if I don’t intend on discussing what the opportunity is even if it does materialise? I’m not writing about the ‘opportunity’ – rather, I’m writing about what happens to me internally when I’m close to having things I’ve worked for actually work out in my favour

It’s like I start fearing the worst and expecting a bad outcome, thankfully, I’ve had enough good things happen to me in life for me to know that more often than not, in the end, things will work out for me (same goes for you) and on occasions when they haven’t worked out for me, I have always been grateful for that later on

The point being, I believe that whatever is meant for you will always come to you no matter how long it takes or the obstacles you face along the way

As a screenwriter, I know that a typical story has the protagonist (lead character) working towards an objective, a dream, a goal. At some point during the story, our hero will lose everything they hold near and dear and it will seem like they won’t achieve their goal

Something will happen to inspire the character to try one more time and this time things will suddenly workout and in the end, the character would evolve, becoming different to who and what they were when we first saw them

Real life can be similar to that – it’s often darkest before the dawn,a set back becomes a set up for a come back….and more cliches of this nature but it doesn’t make them any less true

So as I sit and wait for my potential breakthrough, I remind myself that whether it happens or not, my grind won’t stop, I will work just as hard to find another way to make things happen if it doesn’t through this opportunity

I’m grateful to be in a position where multiple projects are attached to me and I continue to create more projects with each passing day. The only thing missing at this point; is the financial rewards but I’m not sweating that, I am convinced that money is not to be chased but attracted through the amount of work you put in

So I’ll keep putting in that work

This opportunity will happen (anything’s possible to those that believe) and more opportunities of this kind and better will continue to come my way once this one has manifested

The only thing I have left to do is be grateful

I am blessed, you are blessed, we are blessed if we but only take the time to acknowledge that we are

Be well


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